Custom Designed Solutions

Our experience spans across both traditional and digital methodologies.

Traditional Methodologies

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Ethnographies
  • Dine-alongs
  • Shop-alongs
  • Telephone, web-enabled and web-cam interviews

Digital Methodologies

  • Bulletin Boards
  • Digital blogs and communities
  • Mobile research

Just a few examples of creative solutions we’ve deployed to meet our client’s research objectives.

In-Restaurant Dyads with Mobile Ethnography

Diners visit a restaurant in pairs and dine as they normally would. During the visit, they are asked to complete a short survey and take photos using their smartphone. A follow-up interview is conducted at the same location within a few days.


  • Includes a ‘typical’ dining experience with minimal intervention
  • Generates ‘in vivo’ insights from discrete survey/photo mobile component
  • Revisiting restaurant allows for live probes of decor, menu, ambiance, etc.

Rapid Iteration Online Blog

A community is recruited for a 3-5 day online blog. Participants evaluate rough concepts and/or creative stimuli on the first day. Client team iterates on stimuli for reappraisal the next day.


  • Continuity of the same participants responding to iterative stimuli over multiple days
  • Instantaneous feedback and opportunity for immediate follow-ups
  • Eliminates need for multiple rounds of research

Web Cam Mini Groups

Participants video chat from the convenience of their homes.


  • Cost-effective – saves on facility expenses and travel
  • Increases geographic diversity of respondents
  • Allows disparate internal and agency teams to view research first-hand

Online Blog to In-Home Ethnographies

The most compelling respondents from a digital research phase are recruited for follow-up deep-dive ethnographies.


  • Approach ethno phase with foundational knowledge of participant’s world
  • Probe on topics that emerged during digital phase
  • Highly visual, multimedia-laden reporting

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